Let's Talk About... STAND-UP POUCHES

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Let's Talk About... STAND-UP POUCHES 1

In the flexible packaging industry, Stand Up Pouches are one of the most important types of packaging.

Stand-Up Pouch is a type of packaging with an attractive appearance, comfortable and resistant to use, suitable for a very wide range of goods: food products (solid or liquid) and non-food products.

Here are some reasons to choose a Stand-Up Pouch packaging:

  • Bottom gusset which make the bag self supportive
  • Tear notch at the top of the bag for an easy tearing
  • Sometimes supplied with zipper for an easy closure and perfect freshness conservation
  • Product protection against moisture,mold, light e any external agent
  • Ideals for a huge amount of products: animal food, tea, pasta, dried fruits, candies, detergent etc...

Watch our brand new machine POUCH 3000 in action:


And do not miss our page about packaging pet food in Stand-up Pouch bags!


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