Packaging Machines Manufacturer: MF TECNO

Being a packaging machines manufacturer for MF TECNO means ensuring the highest technology, quality and customization. The MF TECNO, in fact, is able to offer complete and customized packaging lines. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility and continuous research and development, the solutions offered by MF TECNO can be applied to the most diverse sectors of use.

The Company

MF TECNO is a packaging machines manufacturer, leading in Systems for Weighing, Bagging, Packaging, Palletizing and Wrapping and can offer a wide range of automation systems for the transport and packaging of loose products
The skills and experience of our technical department guarantee customers personalised and specific solutions, capable of meeting all requirements. MF TECNO have a 35,000 m² plant and headquarter located in Assisi (PG) ITALY.


The Products

Below is a summary of our products in the sector of bagging, closing and palletising systems: Mechanic and electronic weighers; volumetric dosing systems. Open-mouth and valve bagging machines, either net or gross weight. Sewing machines, automatic and semi-automatic sewing lines. Bag heat-sealers and vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines starting by reel. Automatic bag placers for valve and open-mouth bags. Dosing and connecting belt conveyors; rotating and tilting types. Robot palletisers and layer type palletisers. Cardboard sheet dispensers, accessories for palletisers and wrappers. Big-bag filling systems. Boxing machines and case packers. Wrappers.

Dosing Systems


Bagging Machines


Vertical Packaging Machines (VFFS)

confezionatrice sbobinatore

Palletizer Machines




Product transport and end of line

Trasporti per Pallets

Complete systems

Impianti Completi | MF Tecno - Packaging Systems


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