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Sistemi di Chiusura ed AccessoriAll MF TECNO Lines for the Sealing of Bags are designed in a modular manner; such that they can be equipped with different sealing systems.

- Plain sew.
- Sew through tape.
- Fold over sewn top.
- Crease with restoration of the upper flap glue (pinch-top bag).
- Applying adhesive tape during the sewing process.
- Thermo-welder with "hot bars" or "pulsed", for bags with coupled and polyethylene materials.

In particular, with regard to the Automatic Lines, these can be enriched with various accessories and special devices in order to be customised to the various customer requirements.

- Vibration systems of the bag
- Devices for the elimination of air in excess
- Marking Systems
- Labelling systems
- Devices for weight control
- Metal detection devices

Simplicity, Efficiency and Reliability are its main qualities!