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TermosaldatriceMF TECNO has developed different thermo-welding systems able to perfectly seal any type of bag made of heat-sealable material, in laminated and co-extruded materials.

Depending on the material of which the bag is composed, and according to the needs of the customer, there may be used sealing devices with "hot bar" or, alternatively, "pulsed".

All the thermo-welding systems are electronically controlled and regulated with regard to the duration of the welding, the pressure and the time of application.

The particular execution of the sealing bars allows their rapid dismantling for maintenance procedures or to replace some elements of wear.

MF TECNO sealing systems allow you to use the following types of bags:

- Bags with or without side gussets.
- Bags with blocked gussets.
- Bags such as "doy-pack" or "stand-up".
- Bags with different types of zip.
- Bags with handles.

They also allow you to make punched handle thanks to a double sealing bar.

In the case of semi-automatic bagging systems, there are also available sealing devices with manual control, economical, effective and easy to use. In each case equipped with the most modern safety devices, which make them conform to the CE norms in terms of injury.

Simplicity, Efficiency and Reliability are its main qualities !


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