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Compact MF PCA 400Robotic, Cartesian palletizer, for low and medium production, based on a 4 column support structure with the possibility of palletizing on the ground or on service rollers. It is characterises by its extremely compact size that enables insertion in spaces where other palletizers cannot fit; just think it’s just over 3 metres high !! Strong and simple to use.
The gripper pliers moves along a beam that lifts and lowers on two vertical arms in structural aluminium, which can in turn slide longitudinally forward and back along a strong, tubular steel structure that composes the main frame.
The use of brushless motors, also on the smallest of palletizers manufactured by MF TECNO, enables higher precision when positioning the packages. The machine is prepared for use on various types of gripping modules (possibility of automatic fast coupling and release). The electronics used enable manufacturing of any type of layer, the easy to use management software also enables less expert operators to quickly change the work program and even change the palletization pattern to adapt it to various needs.

Problems with space? You can still have a palletizer!



Compact MF PCA 400/TWINThe Compact now DOUBLES!!
The evolution of the Cartesian Palletizer, for low and medium production volumes, this type of palletizer robot, now makes it possible to palletize 2 pallets at the same time, directly on the ground or on suitable rollers.
The advantages of this solution consist in the increased work autonomy, being able to evacuate the already completed pallet without having to stop the operating cycle of the machine.
In addition, the Compact Twin Palletizer, can be used as "multi-layer", allowing palletizing simultaneously not only 2 different products, but also on 2 different pallets.
Strength, versatility and ease of use.
The modularity of the main structure, that can be expanded depending of the specific needs, allows the insertion of further automated elements, such as the pallet tray and/or the pad tray.
Depending on the production volumes requested to the palletizer, these devices can both be equipped with autonomous movement (distributors) or pallets and pads can be directly picked up by the gripper of the robot.
The use of brushless engines , on all palletizers manufactured by MF TECNO, allows maximum accuracy in the positioning of the packages.
The machine is designed for the use of various types of gripping modules (for bags, cartons, bundles, drums, etc..), with the possibility of quick pick and release automatic system.
The electronics used allows to obtain any type of layer, the management software, easy to use, allows even less experienced operators to quickly change the working program, and, also, to modify the palletizing scheme in order to suit various needs.

Problems with space? Do not stop Palletizing!

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