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MF PRC 1000 6C


pallettizzatore 6 colonnePalletizer machines with top loading and robotic action, based on an impressive 6-column support structure with an electro-mechanical pallet lift. It is characterised by its particular strength, versatility and production speed.
The precision and flexibility of bag positioning, typical of robots, merges with a compacting capacity and the traditional speed of a "layered" palletizing machine.
The result is an extremely compact and stable pallet, also with bags that are very difficult to place on pallets.
The use of brushless motors and state of the art drivers make the PRC 1000 6C palletizer fast and reliable; the electronics used enable the creation of any type of layer, the management software is simplified and easy to use, even for the less expert operators, enabling the rapid change of work program and even changing the palletizing pattern to adapt it to various needs.

Precise and fast movement for an absolutely perfect pallet!