VACUUM VFFS for flour and powdery products, from 0.5 up to 5Kg

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VACUUM VFFS for flour and powdery products, from 0.5 up to 5Kg 1

Powdery products such as flour, coffee or powdered milk require specific preservation methods that allow to avoid any type of biochemical alteration, leaving the quality of the raw material intact, respecting at the  meantime its characteristics.
For this purpose, thanks to the work of the research and development department, the standard version of the automatic vertical packaging machine MF 52 VACUUM now can also be employed for the vacuum packaging of powdery food products.
The MF 52 VACUUM for vacuum packaging of powdered products represents an absolute rarity in the world of industrial packaging. An excellence of which MF TECNO boasts the record.

confezionatrice sottovuoto per farina

Equipped with a volumetric unit by vertical screw, the MF 52 VACUUM is offered in 2 variants: with single or double vacuum chamber depending on the target production to be achieved. Regardless of the proposed version, the package is filled and semi-sealed in the appropriate sealing area, and is then automatically placed into the vacuum chamber below, where a negative pressure is applied and then the final sealing is executed.

This packaging machine was recently manufactured for a project where the customer required vacuum flour bags in different formats.

confezionatrice sottovuoto per prodotti in polvere

The setting of this project is composed by MF 52 VACUUM with a double vacuum chamber (to increase performance) to make flour vacuum bags (with square bottom) of 0.5 and 5 kg with a production of up to 20 bags/min. Inside the depression chamber a special device has been installed that enables to support and follow through the pre-sealed package inside the vacuum chamber, thus avoiding product losses that could compromise the quality of the welding.

  • Extension of the product’s shelf life without compromise the characteristics and quality of the original product
  • Easy and fast format change
  • Vacuum bags require less space
  • The screw feeder can be easily cleaned and sanified
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