Bagging machines

Automatic and semi-automatic bagging machines for packaging bulk products of any nature and format in open mouth bags.

Vertical packaging machines

Efficient, reliable and strong automatic packaging machines for bulk products in packages made starting from a reel of sealable film.


Automatic palletisers that can work bags of any type with maximum precision.

Pallet wrapping machines

automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers that adapt to the most diverse production contexts, realising fast and compact wrapping using stretch film.

Robotic Case Packers

Automatic Forming Machines for filling cardboard boxes.

Shrink wrappers

Automatic shrink wrappers for packaging bags of any shape with heat-shrinkable film.


Bagging machines for bulk products in BIG BAGS. Simplicity, efficiency and strength are their main features.

Product loading and transport

Industrial conveyors for bulk products.

Weighing and Feeding

Dosing, feeding and weighing systems for bulk products.

Closing systems

Closing systems for open-mouthed bags.

Pallet handling

Devices for the distribution and transport of pallets.


Accessories for improving the preliminary bagging process phase, the intermediate bag closing phase and the last phase, where the bag is inspected and subjected to various checks to guarantee the suitability of the final result.


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CUSTOMER REVIEWS: complete system for Maltodextrin 1
Case history
CUSTOMER REVIEWS: complete system for Maltodextrin

Live from our client's company, a section of the plant for the packaging of Maltodextrin.

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