MF TECNO and measures taken for COVID-19 emergency

News November 2020
MF TECNO and measures taken for COVID-19 emergency 1

MF TECNO, in the face of continuous national and international developments regarding the present health emergency caused by COVID-19, has made great efforts to adapt to the regulations of the competent authorities, sometimes even applying additional measures with respect to those required, because the health and safety of its employees are the top priority.

What we are doing:

  • The measures adopted include, first of all, the strengthening of the individual protections of any person transiting within the company structure. Anyone who enters (employees, couriers, suppliers, managers) must pass through an anti-Covid turnstile, located inside a special external structure. This device scans the proper wearing of the face mask by means of an integrated camera, measuring  body temperature by infrared technology, denying access if above 37˚C. After getting the green light, the person will be able to use hands sanitizer, delivered by a special device.
  • We have staggered work shifts to minimize the number of co-present staff, restricting access / exit from the changing rooms, turnstiles and receptions. Each employee is asked to sanitize their workstation and equipment at the end of each work shift.
  • In case an employee reports symptoms of COVID-9, he/she is instructed to stay at home and not to return to the workplace without a fitness-for-duty certification or until the employee otherwise meets CDC guidelines for when it is safe to return to work after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Traveling employees have to take nasopharyngeal swab upon departure and arrival from international travels.
  • We have suspended all face-to-face meetings to avoid crowded situations and encouraging online communications.
  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of general cleaning by disinfectants products, including the constant sanitization of doors, handrails, touch-screens, scanners and materials that are touched most frequently.
  • We constantly remind our staff to sanitize hands by washing or special gel, placed in every corner of our buildings.
  • Every work environment is sanitized by ozone machine alternatly, in order to eliminate the potential bacterial load and reducing drastically any risk of contamination.

Each measure will be updated and intensified on the basis of the evolution of the health emergency and of the regulations that will be issued by the competent authorities.

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