Pesatrici, Insaccatrici, Confezionatrici, Pallettizzatori e Avvolgitori per sassi e ciottoli.

MF TECNO offers weighing machines, bagging machines, palletisers, wrappers and packaging machines for stones and pebbles.

The pebbles and the stones can be handled using the net and gross weight weighing systems, on the basis of the customer's production requirements.

Both products can be packaged in bags from reel using vertical packaging machines or in open mouth bags via automatic or semi-automatic bagging machine.

Thanks to a wide range of cartesian or push-type palletisers, the packaged products can be placed on pallets and wrapped using automatic and semi-automatic wrappers.

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The Packaging of Short Pasta 1
The Packaging of Short Pasta

Weighers, Wrappers, Shrink wrappers, Case Packer, Palletizers and Pallet Wrappers for short pasta packaging.

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