The Packaging of Short Pasta

The Packaging of Short Pasta 1

Weighing Systems, Bagging and Packaging Systems, Shrink wrappers, Case Packer, Palletizers and Pallet Wrappers for short pasta.

Pasta has always been one of the most popular products in the world and its consumption is constantly growing, especially in recent years.

Dry pasta, in particular, represents 3/4 of the total pasta produced, which makes it the most popular and consumed type of pasta. Dry pasta, unlike fresh pasta, is characterized by a longer expiration date and greater ease of management and packaging.

When the pasta to be packaged is dry and short, vertical packaging machines are generally used, equipped with a weighing system that weighs the quantity necessary for the required format and unloads the quantity required for the desired format into the packaging machine.

MF TECNO, thanks to its experience and know-how, has specialized in the realization of weighing and packaging systems for the most consumed short pasta formats, from 250 gr to 2kg.

Regarding weighing systems, pasta can be dosed:

  • using a multi-head scale, which guarantees fast and constant weighing.
  • by means of a weighing system with vibrating channels, less fast than the previous one but which allows excellent results

These weighing systems can be combined with a wide range of vertical packaging machines that create the bag starting from a reel of sealable film. Generally, the most common formats of bags for packaging short pasta are:

  • Pillow bag: it is a bag with 3 welds, one on the top, one on the bottom and one vertical on the back. It represents the most common and economical packaging format.
  • 4 sides seal bags: a bag with 4 welds on the corners and two side bellows. It has rectangular bottom and can therefore stand alone. It represents an increasingly popular premium design.
  • Square-bottom bag: the bag is similar to 4 sides seal bag but have only one vertical seal. Optional for artisanal pasta packaging: possibility to add a folded cardboard (cardboard U-bolt) in the upper part of the bag.)
  • Double-bottom square bag: the bag is welded both at the top and bottom in order to achieve a squared shape to give vertical stability to the package.
  • Stand-up Pouch bag: Our Stand Up Pouch bags are a professional self-supporting packaging solution. Made with a bottom gusset, which gives it self-supporting strength, they are ideal for shops and general display needs. Stand-up Pouch are perfect for preserving the organoleptic properties of pasta.

All MF TECNO packaging machines guarantee high performance in terms of packaging speed with all these main bag formats. Below is a selection of MF TECNO machines ideal for packaging short pasta:

  • Vertical Packaging Machine MF 50: This packaging machine is characterized by compact dimensions (it occupies less than 1 m²), ease of use and versatility. This packaging machine is capable of reaching speeds of up to about 20 bags per minute. Ideal for small businesses such as artisanal pasta factories.
  • MF 52 Vertical Packaging Machine: This vertical packaging machine is an automatic machine designed to produce small and medium sizes. Equipped with brushless servo-assisted motors, it is able to reach high production speeds. Ideal for medium and high productions up to about 50 bags per minute.
  • Vertical packaging machine MF 52 CONTINUA: This vertical packaging machine, with continuous motion, is characterized by its high productivity and its ability to adapt to the most varied productive situations. Ideal for high productions, it can reach speeds of up to about 80 bags per minute.
  • Vertical Packaging Machine MF 52 DFQ - Double Square Bottom: This vertical packaging machine with automatic carousel allows you to make bags with double square bottom, compact, air-free and absolutely square in shape. Ideal for medium and high productions, it reaches speeds of up to about 50 bags per minute.
  • MF POUCH 3000 Automatic Bagging Machine: High Speed ​​Automatic bagging machine for open mouth bags, made entirely in stainless steel. Ideal for fragile, flowing and granular products.

Types of short pasta

MF TECNO is able to package any type of short pasta. Here are some formats:

Beyond the packaging:

The customer's needs may go beyond the need to pack the pasta in individual bags. In fact, it may be necessary:

  • to group bags into bundles
  • to insert the bags or bundles into cases
  • to arrange bags, bundles or cartons on a pallet
  • to wrap the pallet with a layer of protective film

In these cases we speak of “secondary packaging”, and also in this area MF TECNO is able to supply all the machines necessary to satisfy any need. In particular, to create a complete line for pasta packaging, we at MF TECNO can create and supply the following machines:

  • Shrink wrappers: After packing the pasta into individual bags, it may be necessary to group these bags into bundles. The MF BUNDLEE shrink wrapper can be horizontal or vertical and groups a certain number bags with a layer of heat-shrinkable film passing through a temperature-adjustable tunnel.
    Discover our Vertical Shrink Wrappers:
    Discover our Horizontal Shrink Wrappers:
  • Case Packer: Our MF CUBE Case Packer form and close cardboard boxes, especially American case (RCS). The formed boxes are centered, closed and transported to a welding station which closes them with adhesive tape or hot glue.
  • Palletizers: previously processed bags, bundles or cartons can be stacked on a pallet using different types of palletisers. The wide range of MF TECNO palletizers covers all production needs, from small to large productions, through the use of Cartesian, stratified or anthropomorphic palletizers.
    Discover our palletizer series:
  • Pallet Wrappers: Once the pallet is completed, it is often necessary to wrap it with a layer of protective film which, in addition to increasing the protection of the packaged product, ensures greater stability. Based on production needs, MF TECNO is able to supply both Automatic (MF WRAP 35 and MF WRAP 60) and Semi-automatic (MF SPW 20) Wrappers. The semi-automatic wrapping machine requires the presence of an operator, while the automatic wrapping machines are equipped with a rotating platform or a rotating arm.
    Discover our automatic wrapping machines:
    Discover our automatic wrapping machines with turntable:
    Discover our semiautomatic:
  • Top Sheet Applicator: Top sheet applicator can be used in conjunction with the wrapping machine to cover the top of the pallet with a layer of anti-external film.

All MF TECNO's experience in the packaging of short pasta is always at your disposal to support you in choosing the packaging system that best suits your production needs.

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