Pallet wrapping machines

MF TECNO has developed a series of pallet wrappers to complete its wide range of automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines and for the "line end". Available in several versions, they adapt to the most diverse production contexts, realising fast and compact wrapping using stretch film. This allows perfect stabilisation of the palletised load.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

Strong, reliable, automatic pallet wrappers ideal for high speed production.

Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

Practical and flexible stand-alone semi-automatic wrappers for stable wrapping of heavy loads. Ideal for medium speed production.


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The Packaging of Short Pasta

Weighing Systems, Bagging and Packaging Systems, Shrink wrappers, Case Packer, Palletizers and Pallet Wrappers for short pasta.

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