MF TECNO has designed a wide range of automatic mechanical palletisers and anthropomorphic robots suitable for all market requirements, and able to process bags of any type with maximum precision. The common denominator of all palletisers, from the compact ones, passing to the telescopic ones and up to the large systems developed to reach maximum production speed (like the "6 column" or "push-type" models), is the high level of customisation and programmability along with refined technology.

Cartesian Palletisers

Reliable, precise and easy-to-position cartesian palletisers.

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Push-type Palletisers

Push-type palletisers for high production levels and extremely stable and compact pallets.

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Anthropomorphic Palletisers

Strong, versatile anthropomorphic palletisers, characterised by high production speeds.

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Automatic solutions for withdrawal of packages or boxes from a pallet and send it to another production line.

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Pick & Place

"Pick and place" solutions for filling boxes using anthropomorphic robots or traditional cartesian solutions.

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When automation improves your work 1
Case history
When automation improves your work

In developing countries, the transition from manual production to automation aims to reduce the cost of labour and increases production levels. This is the case of the complete line for sugar bagging created by MF TECNO and destined for East Africa.

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