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MF TECNO designs, manufactures and installs complete plants for weighing, packaging, bagging, palletising, wrapping and conveying bags and pallets.

Automatic lines that stand out for their high level of reliability, quality, and technological innovation.

MF TECNO is appreciated by a large clientele, both nationally and internationally, for its innovation, reliability and high quality level of its technical solutions.

The competence and the experience of our technical department ensure personalised, specific solutions, to fulfil the requirements of any client.

So far more than 3000 companies in Italy and worldwide have chosen to rely on us for our solutions, which stand out due to their high quality, reliability and efficiency.

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An important production plant

The MF TECNO production site, situated in Tordandrea di Assisi and Bastia Umbra (PG), covers a total indoor surface area of 40,000 m².

Attentive to renewable energy, since 2010 the company is equipped with photovoltaic panels, capable of guaranteeing 50 % of the company’s energy requirements.

With its impressive size and variety of equipment, the MF TECNO plant can manufacture very complex complete packaging systems.

Coherent with its own manufacturing philosophy, MF TECNO produces all the electric and electronic components necessary for the operation of its own machines at its own plant.

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All MF TECNO products are designed and manufactured within the company. To accomplish this, MF TECNO can count on a team of specialised designers and technicians, capable of producing any type of machine from start to finish.

The use of work centres based on numerical control machine tools, laser cutting machines, press-benders and a wide range of innovative equipment allows MF TECNO to manufacture 100% of the mechanical parts for its own machinery.

This production philosophy translates into a series of advantages for the customer, who can count on absolute quality control on components and on their full interchangeability, while guaranteeing maximum execution speed for new machines as well as for spare parts.

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Solutions for all needs

MF TECNO supplies more than just single packaging machines. It can manufacture complete systems, from raw material storage to the study and installation of the entire production cycle, concluding with packaging.

One of our company's added values is the ability to offer customised pieces of equipment based on the customer's requests. Starting with a well-tested construction standard, MF TECNO can offer a series of solutions created to perfectly respond to actual customer requirements, combining reliability, easiness of installation and flexibility of use.

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Customer Service

We are aware of our important role in the technological business growth of our customers. Our duty involves more than just supplying machinery and equipment: what we offer is full consultancy services.

A service that follows our customers from planning the plant to its construction and activation, from employee training to machinery optimisation. A close relationship with our customers, which continues through time thanks to our customer service, a complete and well-articulated after-sales organisation, in charge of taking care of our customers.

The purpose of this organisation can be summarised in three main actions:

  1. management of requests and emergencies in particular
  2. management of maintenance
  3. management of spare parts

The rapidity of intervention and organisation, able to guarantee delivery to the customer, anywhere and within 24 hours, constitute one of MF TECNO's strong points.

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Always striving for leadership

All our products are studied, designed and manufactured within the company. This production philosophy translates into a series of advantages for the customer:

01 absolute quality control of components
02 total component interchangeability
03 maximum execution speed
04 accurate service on both new machines and spare parts
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Continuous quest for quality

On pursuing the goal of continuously improving the quality of our products and our "customer" service, we have armed ourselves with a quality management system for our own production processes, in conformity with a certified and internationally renowned model, UNI-EN-ISO 9001-2015, based on which our certification was issued several years ago.

Certified weighing systems

We have obtained certification for our Production System pursuant to the 2014/32/UE Directive (MID), in compliance with attachment D for the manufacture of AUTOMATIC GRAVIMETRIC FILLING MACHINES , under the surveillance of the KIWA-CERMET notified body. This certification authorises our company to autonomously type-approve the weighing systems we produce and sell as suitable for relations with third parties.


Contact us, we will be happy to help you

MF TECNO is always by your side, offering you consultancy in the design phase of the packaging plant and after-sales assistance



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