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Automatic distributors of underlay in cardboard or in "PE" (plastic)

Distributori automatici di falde in cartone o in “PE” (plastica)Automatic warehouses/distributors of underlay in cardboard or “PE” starting with a stack of pre-formed sheets of any size. Capable of positioning the underlay on the empty pallet, between the layers (during palletization) or on top of the finished pallet. Various options available.

• Compact and versatile design.
• Manufactured to move sheets of various size.
• Interlay picking unit composed of an aluminium frame on the package pick head.
• Electro-pneumatic controlled mobile-in-height device.
• Inter-layering pick and place based on the palletization program, with electro-mechanical functioning.
• Suction cups in para natural rubber.
• Production of vacuum with a Venturi meter.
• nter-layers containment structure in painted metal.
• Inter-layer depletion signalling photocell.
• Equipped with an electrical and pneumatic system.

Automatic distributor of sheets in "PE" (plastic) starting from the reel

Distributori automatici di fogli in “PE” (plastica) a partire da bobinaAutomatic distributors of sheets starting from a reel of “PE” film, capable of automatically sizing, cutting and applying the sheet on the empty pallet surface. Various options are available, such as sheet fastening systems on the pallet (automatic nailers, staplers, etc.

• Compact and versatile design.
• Structure in painted structural steel, similar to a "gantry".
• Unreeling system for PE film electronically managed.
• Self-dimensioning device on the PE sheet based on the selected program.
• "High/low" device to position the sheet on the pallet during passage, with electro-mechanical functioning. Positions controlled by sensors.
• Detection device for pallet presence.
• Equipped with an electrical and pneumatic system.

A vast range of modular, robust and reliable devices, for pallet movement.

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