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Automatic distributors of empty pallets with "retracting forks"

Distributori automatici di pallets vuoti “a forche retrattili”Automatic warehouses/distributors of empty pallets of any size. Capable of containing up to 14/15 stacked pallets (Weight ca. 600 Kg). No adjustment required, varying based on pallet dimensions. Electro-mechanical pallet picking.

• Compact and versatile design.
• Manufactured to move pallets of various sizes without any need for adjustment.
• Structure in painted structural aluminium.
• Electro-mechanical retracting forks.
• Electro-mechanical functioning of fork lift and descent. Positions controlled by sensors.
• Roller section with structure in painted structural steel.
• Galvanised rolls with stationary pinion.
• Gear motor and chain transmission.
• Device to detect pallet presence.
• Equipped with an electrical and pneumatic system.

A vast range of modular, robust and reliable devices, for pallet movement.