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An increasing number of companies are investing in automatic packaging solutions to meet the growing demands for high production and performance standards. While this may require a substantial financial commitment, investing in automating your packaging facility is a fundamental aspect of business development. It can indeed yield numerous advantages for your company, some of which are tangible and evident, while others are intangible. The key benefits include:


  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Guarantee of higher quality
  • Accelerated production speed
  • Precision
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Workplace safety
  • Waste minimisation
  • High return on investment (ROI)


MF Tecno automatic packaging machine

Our comprehensive range of machinery provides a diverse selection of open-mouth bagging machines, encompassing both automatic and semi-automatic models, designed to address the unique packaging requirements of our clients. Below, we will offer an in-depth examination of our automatic bagging machines, which include:


  • Automatic double filling station machine
  • Medium productivity automatic machine
  • Automatic packaging machine for flour and powdery products
  • Automatic packaging machine for pet food and granular products
  • Automatic machine for woven polypropylene bags
  • High productivity automatic bagger
  • Stand-up pouch packaging machine


High Productivity Automatic Packaging Machine


Automatic double filling station packaging machine IABA 600 D

The IABA 600 D bagger represents the optimal solution for packaging preformed bags at high rates of production. Notably, it positions bags before the filling station. The range of available formats is extensive, spanning from 5 to 50 kg, with production capacities reaching 1800 bags/hour.

Featuring a double filling station, it can handle 2 bags per cycle. Constructed entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, it is compatible with various weighing systems, including net weight scales, belt scales, or screw scales.

Utilizing a "step" movement mechanism enables precise and efficient handling of any bag type. Moreover, the option to combine the bag vibration system with the deaeration probe results in exceptionally compact bags suitable for palletising.


Universal 1200

Amongst high-productivity packaging systems, the Universal 1200 automatic bagger excels.

This represents our premium solution, renowned for its adaptability to varying production demands.

Particularly recommended for high production capacity requirements, it can achieve speeds of up to 1200 bags/hour.

The rapid packaging speed is ensured by the oscillation system of the bags during filling and evacuation phases.

Remarkably versatile, it accommodates sizes ranging from 2 to 50 kg and caters to diverse bag types, including open-mouth, preformed, and gusseted bags.

Compatible with various scale types, including net weight with gravity doser, belt, or screw scales. Operators have full control over the packaging process via the integrated PLC system with touchscreen interface.


IABA 1000

The IABA 1000 functions akin to the IABA 600 D, with bag presentation preceding the filling station. It boasts exceptionally high productivity, capable of handling up to 1000 bags/hour with granular products.

It can be outfitted with all available optional stations offered for other baggers, including bag removal, folding, sewing, etc.


IABA 800 S

The IABA 800 S bagger is an automatic high-productivity solution, capable of processing up to 800 bags per hour for bags weighing between 10 and 30 kg. It is specially designed for open-mouth bags with or without gussets.

This is an ideal solution for products where it is crucial to prevent gas emissions in the surrounding environment.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a three-position empty bag magazine, offering ample capacity and adjustability based on bag size.



Medium Productivity Automatic Packaging Machine

Our range of machinery provides several options for packaging with medium productivity. We offer multiple solutions to cater to different product and bag types.


Automatic packaging machine for flour and powdery products

The two models designed for packaging powdery products are IABA 600 F and IABA 600 P.

IABA F is specifically engineered for packaging powdery products such as flour, powdered chemicals, and flow aids.

It can accommodate sizes ranging from 5 to 50 kg, with production capacities reaching up to 600 bags/hour.

This machinery's uniqueness lies in the inclusion of dedicated deaeration and product vibration systems, which prevent potential dust emissions and ensure utmost reliability.

IABA F can be equipped with either a net weight or gross weight doser and can be fitted with an "out-of-mouth" deaeration probe, enhancing productivity compared to IABA 600 P, which features an "in-mouth" deaeration probe located inside the bag mouth. Furthermore, IABA 600 P is solely available with gross weight dosing.

This configuration aims to minimise product jump during discharge into the bag, resulting in minimal dispersion, particularly for highly powdery products.

Extreme versatility is ensured by the variety of workable bag materials and multiple closure types, including pinch-top, simple sewing, fold, crimped paper, and heat-sealed.


Automatic packaging machine for pet food and granular products

The IABA 600 S represents the optimal solution for packaging granular products such as pet food, fertilizers, and plastic granules.

It is tailored for medium-scale production, with capacities reaching up to 600 bags/hour.

Highly versatile and dependable, thanks to its fully enclosed monoblock structure.

It accommodates open-mouth, flat, or gusseted bags ranging from 5 to 50 kilograms.

Additionally, it can be equipped with devices for excess air elimination and side compactors.

The filled and formed bags transition from the filling zone to the closing zone via a dedicated conveyor belt, utilizing a "step" movement mechanism.



Automatic packaging machine for woven polypropylene bags

The model IABA 600 R is meticulously crafted for packaging woven or laminated polypropylene bags. Tailored for medium-scale production, it flexibly caters to diverse sectors.

Featuring a monoblock structure with closing panels, access, and inspection doors, it offers high capacity with a three-position empty bag magazine, adjustable according to bag size.

Exceptionally versatile, it is equipped with a bag mouth filling system in various formats, precisely aligning with bag dimensions and project specifications.

Moreover, it adapts seamlessly to different loading systems.


Stand-up pouch bagging machines

We have developed two models specifically for packaging small and medium-sized pre-formed stand up pouches.

The MF POUCH 3000 is ideal for high outputs of up to 3000 bags per hour and bag sizes ranging from 300 grams to 5 kg.

In contrast, the MF POUCH 1000 achieves lower outputs of up to 1000 bags per hour for formats ranging from 300 grams up to 2.5 kg.

Our MF POUCHs are extremely versatile and suitable for packaging products of different grain sizes. With special brittleness, flowability and grain size characteristics.

They are an excellent option for the food and pet food market due to their complete stainless steel construction.

We have a wide choice of dosing systems to suit the customer's needs. Designed to prevent any form of contamination. Made in compliance with FDA regulations for materials in contact with food.

Step-by-step handling guarantees efficiency and speed of packaging.



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