Packaging system for hotmelt glue granules

Case history
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Packaging of hot melt adhesives and chemicals is one of the areas in which we have the most experience.

Over the years, in fact, we have realised several projects for the implementation of complete systems or complementary to existing installations.

In the following case history we will look at:

  • Hotmelt adhesives market
  • Project specificities
  • Equipment involved
  • Why choose MF TECNO


Hotmelt adhesives market

According to Future Market Insight, the market for hot melt adhesives will experience significant growth in the coming years. With a CAGR of 5.3%, it will reach USD 9.8 billion by the end of 2027.

The sectors most affected are packaging, automotive, woodworking and paper gluing.


Project Specificity

The development of this system is the result of collaboration with one of the most important manufacturers in this sector in northern Italy.

The project combines Mial and MF Tecno technologies. In fact, the product goes from an initial transport and mixing stage to the subsequent packaging and palletising phase.

The presence of three 3000-litre vertical mixers is intended to ensure production continuity.

The combination and coordination of the two entities aims to prepare complete packaging systems and highly customisable turnkey projects.

The project consists of packaging hot-melt glues in granule form in sizes from 20-25 kg. A low to medium production rate of 200-300 bags/hour in pillow bags with side gussets.


Equipment involved

The wide range of available machinery allowed us to meet specific customer requirements. The choice fell on:

  • Packaging Machine MF 58
  • Smart Palletiser
  • Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine


Packaging Machine MF 58

This vertical packaging machine is specifically designed for products with good smoothness and granulometry.

The most suitable products are potting soils, seeds, animal feed and plastic granules.

Ideal for medium to large production. 20-25 kg bags.

Starting from a flat film reel, the bag is formed around the tube and heat-sealed vertically and horizontally.

Vertical packaging machines can produce pillow or gusseted bags by means of special equipment.

The resulting bags are pillow bags with side gussets and three seals, two horizontal and one vertical. If required, our VFFS can also make bags with four seals.

It is equipped with an inspection platform for the weigher. The weighing machine of choice is the gravity-fed electronic net-weigher. It is particularly suitable for products with excellent flowability.

Our vertical packaging machines are controlled by a touch screen PLC panel.

MF 60 packaging machine image

Palletising Robot for granular products

In line with the customer's requirements, the choice fell on the Cartesian palletiser PCA Smart. One of our flagship solutions.

It is equipped with roller conveyors, chain conveyors and automatic pallet magazine for automatic feeding of empty pallets and automatic evacuation of full pallets.

Designed for medium production speeds of up to 500 cycles per hour, it is able to process loads of up to 110 lbs.

Its compact dimensions and small size make it an ideal solution when working in confined spaces. It has small dimensions and a limited footprint. Just under 3 metres and a pallet height of 2,200 mm (including pallet).

The operator has complete control of the palletising scheme due to the integrated PLC system with touch screen.

Its modular design allows for numerous mounting combinations and high adaptability to different working environments and existing systems.

It is also set up for the use of different gripping solutions, which can be customised as required.

The entire machinery is enclosed within safety guards.

Imagine of Cartesian palletiser PCA Smart



Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine

At the end of the palletising process, the wrapping machine automatically starts the wrapping process. In fact, the wrapping and palletising cycles are synchronised with each other.

The MF SPW 20 semi-automatic rotary platform wrapping machine is a flexible and easy-to-use solution. It can be made entirely of stainless steel and is equipped with PLC control.

The speed of platform rotation is 10 rpm.

Imagine of Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine


Why choose MF TECNO

We specialize in making complete packaging systems

Our comprehensive machine park allows us to realise projects involving transportation systems, primary and secondary packaging.

Choosing us means relying on a solid entity whose machinery is our entire production. It means relying on a single point of contact who is completely in charge of the entire project, thus avoiding the annoying conflicts of responsibility.

We guarantee fast delivery time and efficient after-sales service.

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