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The following case history refers to a turnkey pellet packaging system and will specifically analyse:

  • The pellet market
  • The specificities of the project
  • The machinery involved
  • Customer video testimonial


The pellet market

According to Grand View Research up to 2030 there will be a significant development of the wood pellet sector of 5.3% per year.

Currently, Europe accounted for more than 80% of the market share.

The increasing demand for renewable energy sources is indeed a growing trend. One of the main responses to climate change, global warming and the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels.  Wood pellets are in fact an environmentally friendly alternative to gas, oil and electricity.

Indeed, the need to minimise CO2 emissions makes wood pellets one of the most interesting fuels for energy production.


The specificities of the project

The realisation of this system is the result of a long collaboration with one of the most important pellet producers in Northern Italy.

This project, in fact, follows on from a previous one carried out in 2015. A turnkey solution, in line with the production requirements of the time.

The development of the business and renewed confidence in us, led to the design and implementation of a second fully automatic plant.

The requirement was for a packaging and palletising system with high productivity and performance. A fully automatic line from transport to palletising. Formats of 15 kg and productions of 600 bags/hour.

Image of the first project realised in 2015


The machinery involved

In line with the specific demands and needs presented, the following machines were chosen:

  • Paddle drag conveyor for handling pellets from the storage silo to the packaging system.
  • Vertical packaging machine MF 54
  • MF PCA 700 automatic palletiser, ideal for high production.
  • MF WRAP 35 automatic wrapping machine.


Paddle drag conveyor

MIAL transport systems can be positioned upstream of our packaging systems. They are used for conveying granular products horizontally, up to a slope of 45°.

Thanks to our know-how and experience, we produce large-scale transport systems. Easy to clean, thanks to the opening doors, they are particularly robust and flexible.


Vertical packaging machine MF 54

It is a reliable and high-performance solution for packing medium-sized bags. From 5 to 20 kg.

It is particularly used in the pellet industry. Simple to use and extremely versatile.

Achieves production rates of up to 600 sacks/hour with one scale. 1200 sacks/hour with double scales.

It adapts to the most diverse bag types: pillow bag, side gusset bag and square bottom bag.

Equipped with a touch screen panel and alphanumeric display for complete control of the entire machine cycle.

The use of the Brushless motor guarantees maximum efficiency and reduced maintenance.

MF 54 Vertical Machine image


Automatic Palletizer MF PCA 700

It is the ideal choice when high production rates (up to 700 units/hour) and for working in confined spaces are required.

It guarantees the rapid processing of loads of up to 50 kg.

Automation of the loading process and evacuation of empty pallets reduces operator intervention resulting in increased productivity.

In its standard version there is a single palletising station.

The 'Twin' version features a double palletising station.

This offers greater working autonomy and productivity, allowing the pallet already completed in one station to be evacuated without having to stop the machine's operating cycle.

It is equipped with Brushless motors and Touch Screen operator panel.

There are multiple mounting combinations and high adaptability to different working environments and existing systems.

The handling arm is prepared for various gripping modules.

Image of the Robot Palletiser PCA 700


In the previous project, the PCA SMART Cartesian palletiser was chosen instead. In line with the different production needs of the time.

This one, ideal for handling medium production rates of up to 500 cycles per hour, is the ideal solution when working in confined spaces and prohibitive environments.

The standard height of the structure is just under 3 metres while the finished pallet has a maximum height of 1800 mm (including pallet).


Our research and development team worked out a pallet storage system specifically for this project. Up to 16 pallets were stored on special magazine rollers. This allowed uninterrupted work and improved productivity.


image of Pallet Storage System


Automatic wrapping machine

Downstream of the palletising line is the MF WRAP 35 turntable pallet stretch wrapper. This can be fitted further back in a new or existing palletising line.

Designed for applications up to 2000 kg, it allows for fast, compact and reliable stretch film wrapping.

It has an hourly production of 30-35 pallets per hour and easily adapts to any transport speed, pallet type and weight.

Equipped with safety guards throughout or pallet transport devices.



Below is a direct customer testimonial on the installation and the reasons that led him to choose MF TECNO.

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