Pallet handling

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyor system for conveying full and empty pallets.

Chain conveyors 2
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Pallet handling Automatic Distributors Automatic distributors of empty pallets, underlay and P.E. sheets. Discover more
Pallet handling Rollers rollers for conveying full and empty pallets. Discover more
Pallet handling Turntables turntables with rolls or chain conveyors for pallet rotation. Discover more
Pallet handling Shuttles Shuttles and transport platforms for full and empty pallets. Discover more


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Palletizer: The Complete Guide 1
Case history
Palletizer: The Complete Guide

The palletizer is a machine that allows you to stack and organize products on a pallet quickly and efficiently. The palletizing process in companies is one of the fundamental phases that requires greater precision and attention.

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