Electronic weighing machines

Electronic Gross weighing system

series DR-PL

Electronic Gross weighing system system for low-medium production.

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Continuous quest for quality

On pursuing the goal of continuously improving the quality of our products and our "customer" service, we have armed ourselves with a quality management system for our own production processes, in conformity with a certified and internationally renowned model, UNI-EN-ISO 9001-2015, based on which our certification was issued several years ago.

Certified weighing systems

We have obtained certification for our Production System pursuant to the 2014/32/UE Directive (MID), in compliance with attachment D for the manufacture of AUTOMATIC GRAVIMETRIC FILLING MACHINES , under the surveillance of the KIWA-CERMET notified body. This certification authorises our company to autonomously type-approve the weighing systems we produce and sell as suitable for relations with third parties.

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There are many reasons to choose our products

  • 01 Reduction of the cross-contamination risk, thanks to the reduced amount of parts in contact with the product
  • 02 Functional for packaging products with a high degree of fluidity or very dusty products.


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