Automatic carton boxing machine

Automatic carton boxing machine 1

The automatic carton boxing machine takes in “end-of-line” processes by handling and placing the newly packaged product into the previously formed American boxes.

It is included in the secondary packaging phase with the aim of optimising production processes.

Often complemented by a palletising and pallet wrapping system, it automates the entire packaging process.

Versatile, high-performance solution, able to process and adapt to different types of products such as bottles, cans, food, pet food, detergents and sanitary products.

A machine with great potential and growth prospects. According to the fmi, in fact, the market will grow at a rate of 3% per year between 2023 and 2033.

In the following article we are going to analyse:

  • Functioning
  • Benefits
  • Case Study
  • MF Tecno solutions



The modular construction and the presence of various integrated and complementary components allows three stages to be performed in a single machine:

  • Forming the box and closing the bottom
  • Product handling with a special pick and place system
  • Closing the top with adhesive tape or hot melt glue

In the first phase, the box is picked from the specially prepared carton magazine. This is followed by the opening of the flaps and the formation of the box, then the filling phase of the box with the pick and place system. This system takes care of the picking and placing of the product.

Lastly, we have the closure of the upper part of the casing.


Cartoning process automation using the MF TECNO carton boxing brings numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and business scalability.

Tangible, concrete benefits make the investment in this automated solution highly effective in the medium and long term.


Some of the main advantages include:

Protection of objects

MF Tecno carton boxings provide uniform and precise packing. This guarantees optimal protection of the product and preserves it from external agents and conditions.


Increased speed and productivity

A significant improvement in business productivity is ensured by reducing downtime and the repetitiveness of production processes.


Improving the work of employees

By automating the boxing process, less staff is used and employees are given more value. By assigning less repetitive and physically demanding tasks.


Material cost savings

The significant decrease in boxing errors and the optimisation of US box space guarantee overall material cost savings.

This cuts down on waste and gets the most out of packaging materials.


Improved pallet stacking and space optimization

The use of the carton boxing ensures optimal use of space and the creation of extremely stable pallets. It contributes to better palletisation and a more stable inventory for storage and shipping.


Traceability and monitoring

The use of automated systems allows the processes involved to be tracked and controlled.

This gives you the opportunity to analyse the recorded data, identify any irregularities and take action to improve the overall performance.


Rapid return on investment

By investing in an MF Tecno carton boxing, you can automate your packaging process to the fullest. The increased efficiency and productivity of the production process guarantees a quick return on investment.


Case Study

In our experience, the cartoner is often part of complete systems. It is integrated in turnkey projects that also include transportation systems, packaging and palletising.

Completed projects, including the cardboard machine, include one for a major company in northern Italy that manufactures plastic caps.

This complete plant goes from product transport to palletising, packaging and boxing.

Pictured above are the fixed bucket elevator, the mf 58 vertical packaging machine, the carton boxing, the pca intelligent palletiser and the mf wrap 35 wrapper.

Every machine in our complete lines is entirely designed, manufactured and tested in-place.


MF Tecno solutions

The MF Tecno carton boxing is a dependable, high-performance solution for processing and handling American-style boxes.

Its small size makes it a machine that can adapt to even those work settings characterized by small spaces.

Capable of achieving outputs of up to 12 boxes per minute. Varies according to box size and type.

It is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and has an extremely user-friendly control panel and interface..

Its highly modular design makes it an extremely flexible and versatile choice, allowing it to adapt to each customer's needs.

The opening phase of the boxes starts at the magazine. This can contain up to 120 flat boxes, which are picked individually by a suction cup gripper system.

This is followed by the box opening phase with the closing of the lower flaps and subsequent transfer of the box, via motorized roller conveyor, to the filling station.

This is where the box is formed using the opening system, filled using the plick and place system, and finally closed using tape or hot-melt glue.

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