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Automatic Palletizer Machine - MF Tecno solutions 1

The automatic palletising machine enables a large volume of products to be organised and stacked in an orderly and stable manner on special pallets.

It is one of the most important actors in industrial automation and the improvement of production process efficiency.

The application of industrial robotics guarantees speed and precision in the management of packaging and storage processes.

The optimisation of these phases is becoming more and more important and makes it possible to increase a company's competitiveness.

Indeed, investing in automation and Industry 4.0 makes it possible to cope with ever higher rates of production.

The industry will experience significant growth with an estimated 5.2% CAGR by the end of 2033, according to Fact.MR. Exceeding a market size of $2.2 billion.

The palletizing process involves many sectors and application areas.

In this article we will specifically analysed:

  • Advantages of pallettizing systems
  • MF Tecno solutions


Advantages of palletizing systems

Automation of the palletizing process offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

The use of anthropomorphic robots guarantees a significant boost and continuity of production.

Production rhythms that are impossible for manual work can be achieved, resulting in less downtime.

  • Reduction in workforce costs

Automating the palletizing process provides significant savings in terms of amortisation of personnel cost. It improves the quality of the result obtained.

Thus opens up the possibility of redeploying employees to more rewarding and less time-consuming tasks.

  • Improving safety at work

There is an increase in the overall reduction of accidents due to less exposure of staff to repetitive and strenuous tasks.

  • Inventory control

They provide detailed tracking of inventory stocks and the volume of handled products.

  • Safer packaging

Process automation guarantees accurate and consistent positioning and movement of products. This results in correct load distribution and smoother handling.

  • Storage area optimisation

Advantage concerning the overall optimization of available space.


Automatic Palletizers MF Tecno

We have a wide range of automatic palletizers and anthropomorphic robots.

We can supply both single installations and supplementary projects for an existing production line.

Tertiary packaging solutions with a high degree of customisation to meet different customer requirements.


Many projects and installations of tertiary packaging machines in sectors such as:

  • Seeds and cereals
  • Animal feeds
  • Pet Food
  • Fertilisers
  • Chemical


 MF Tecno Cartesian Palletizer

The MF PCA SMART robotic palletizer is an ideal solution for processing loads of up to 50 kg and throughputs of up to 500 cycles per hour.

It is one of our top solutions because it offers a combination of reliability, speed, versatility and an excellent price/quality relation.

Also available in the SMART PRO version, which achieves outputs of up to 800 cycles/hour.

A model that guarantees, in addition to the advantages of the basic version, higher productivity.

It is particularly suitable for working in restricted spaces and prohibitive environments due to its compactness and small dimensions.

In fact, the standard height is just under 3 metres, while the final pallet can be up to 1800 mm (pallet included).

This robot palletizer can handle different types of products, such as bags, boxes, cases, and bundles.

Various picking systems are also available, such as fork, suction cup, or box gripper heads.

According to customer requirements, we distinguish:

  • Basic version, in which material is placed on pallets on the ground or on semi-automatic wrappers.
  • Automated version, in which the palletizer is integrated with an automated pallet magazine.

The integrated PLC system with touch screen panel gives the operator complete control of the operating and palletizing scheme. This allows the work programme to be easily modified according to production requirements.

There are many security devices, such as:

  • Security barriers
  • Floor anchoring systems
  • Safety light barriers for pallet entry and exit
  • Anti-fall and anti-collision equipment.

Dual station Palletizing Machine

The MF PCA 700 Twin palletizer is the ideal choice for those seeking high productivity and autonomy.

In fact, it is designed to handle medium-high throughputs of up to 700 cycles/hour. The PCA 400 version, on the ther hand, is ideal for palletizing medium to low productions.

The Twin version is distinguished from the convetional version by a double palletizing station

It allows working without interruption of continuity.

In fact, once the first station is finished, the pallet automatically starts working in the second palletizing station. This prevents any interruption and improves overall productivity.

This makes it possible to evacuate the newly formed pallet without having to interrupt the production cycle.

The modular structure allows multiple assembly combinations, adjustability to different working environments and existing systems.

Equipped with Brushless motors, safety devices and guards, it is suitable for the use of different gripper modules.

Push-type palletizer PSM 1500/S

The PSM1500/S layer palletizer is a compact and extremely versatile option.

It achieves outputs of up to 1,500 bags per hour for formats from 2 to 50 kg.

Its design, typical of bottom-loading palletizers, is matched with the speed and compaction capacity of a top-loading palletizer.

It is provided with Brushless motors and touch screen panel for ease of operation.

PLC systems then allow rapid format and palletizing program change.

It is equipped with a magazine for empty pallets and a modular structure that guarantees multiple assembly combinations.

The presence of the motorized belt orientator, the side compactors and the high-low storage system make it possible to create a compact and stable pallet.

Various optional devices are available.

6 Column Palletizer

Top-loading palletizer that reaches a production capacity of 1200 bags/h in single pick-up and 2000 bags/h in double pick-up.

High-tech, high-performance solution for an extremely compact and sturdy pallet with brushless motors.

The main characteristic of this model is the presence of a gripper that moves along the 2 axes (X, Y) and around its own vertical axis. This design allows the palletizer to handle a wide range of package shapes, providing a high degree of flexibility.

In fact, like the push-type palletizer, this version is provided with motorized side compactors. The inclusion of an interleaf in the reel ensures solid and tidy storage.

The numerous safety devices and guards available make it an extremely safe and reliable solution.

The operator has complete control of the palletizing schedule. Due to the integrated PLC system, equipped with a special touch screen display.

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