MF TECNO: Company specialising in complete packaging systems

MF TECNO: Company specialising in complete packaging systems 1

Complete packaging systems are our speciality and the service that most represents us. In fact, in line with customer requirements, we realise turnkey automatic solutions; transport, packaging and finished pallets.


Benefits of packaging automation

Automating the packaging process can be a turning point for your business because it brings numerous benefits to your company. It is a smart investment and guarantees an excellent Return on Investment (ROI).


Why choose MF TECNO?

To guarantee the highest quality of operation, we have decided to manufacture all the machinery that makes up a packaging plant in-house.

This allows us to offer many advantages to our customers, including:

  • Better functioning machinery since they are all designed by MF TECNO, the machinery that makes up a packaging line will communicate better with each other.
  • Competitive supply chain with the fastest delivery times on the market for machinery and spare parts.
  • Reliable technical support that significantly reduces machine downtime. We have a huge warehouse, always 'ready' and able to respond promptly to customer needs.
  • A single supplier avoiding any conflicts of responsibility when solving operating problems.
  • Internal research and development team to adapt to the latest innovations and trends.


MF TECNO solutions

Packaging plant automation consists of the use of automatic or semi-automatic machinery during one or more stages of the packaging process. It can involve all steps: conveyor system, packaging, palletising and wrapping.

In line with the growing demand for automation and high-tech solutions, we specialise in the design and construction of complete packaging plants.

Complete beverage cap packaging plant

Our machinery

Our equipment usually includes a conveyor system, a primary packaging machine, a secondary packaging machine, a palletiser and accessories and end-of-line (pallet wrappers, top sheets, etc.).

Our extensive machinery is able to meet the different needs of our customers. With outputs that in most cases range from 400 to 800 bags/hour.

In primary packaging we can offer open mouth bagging machines, vertical bagging machines, tubular forming machines and horizontal flow pack bagging machines.

For secondary packaging we produce shrinkwrappers and case packers, as well as a wide range of palletising robots, pallet wrappers and end-of-line accessories.

Our solutions are highly customisable, thanks to the wide variety of open-mouth fillers and vertical packaging machines we produce.

Over the years we have developed significant experience in the pet food, seed and chemical sectors in particular.

Each component of our machinery is designed, manufactured and tested in our headquarters.  

Choosing us therefore means entrusting yourself to an international company, capable of managing an all-round project.

A single interlocutor who will work alongside you and support you in all phases of the project. From conception to after-sales assistance.


Trends in automation in the packaging sector

It represents, in the packaging sector, the answer to an increasingly competitive market in which scalability, efficiency and optimisation of production processes are key elements.

Whereas initially automation involved only one of the stages or individual machines, we are now seeing the integration of the various steps in the entire packaging process. The result is complete packaging systems.

Complete packaging solutions have reached a market value of USD 74.52 billion and are expected to reach USD 104.81 billion by 2029. In fact, a CAGR growth of 7.06% is expected over the forecast period (2024-2029).

The sector where the highest growth is expected is definitely the food sector. Global population growth and urbanisation are key factors in this trend.


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