End-of-line Packaging: MF Tecno solutions

End-of-line Packaging: MF Tecno solutions 1

End-of-line packaging includes all machinery at the end of the production process, used to complete the packaging of products before their final dispatch and transport.

The optimisation of this phase, following the so-called 'primary packaging', plays a key role in the improvement of production processes. Indeed, in an increasingly competitive business environment, automation of packaging processes is a crucial factor in ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Companies are investing more in automation because of the labour shortage, to protect employee health and to meet the high productivity standards imposed by the market.

According to the End-Of-Line Packaging Market Report, the market size for end-of-line packaging will see significant growth in the near future, with a CAGR of 4.4 per cent.


Benefits of end-of-line automation

Automating end-of-line packaging processes offers the following advantages:

  • Improves efficiency: automation increases production speed, reduces human errors and improves overall production efficiency. It provides a replicable, automated system for multiple production processes.
  • Reduces manpower costs: Recruiting personnel for manual and repetitive tasks is becoming increasingly challenging. Automation meets this need.
  • Ensures increased safety: The risk of accidents at work is significantly reduced.
  • Improves product quality: Automation can ensure greater consistency and precision in production, improving the quality of the final product.
  • Guarantees a rapid ROI: Automation of the packaging process guarantees a rapid return on investment (ROI).

At MF TECNO, we have decades of experience in end-of-line packaging.

We specialise in the design and development of complete packaging systems. Turnkey solutions for secondary and tertiary packaging. As part of our extensive machinery portfolio, we offer numerous options for the post-bagging phase. Case packers, pick & place systems, bundlers, palletisers and pallet wrappers.


In this article, we will take a closer look at our case packers, shrinkwrappers, cartesian palletisers and pallet wrappers.


MF Tecno Case Packer Machine

Our MF CUBE is an ideal solution for packaging bags, bricks or cartons in an American box. It is a flexible option that can be easily integrated with existing systems.

A single model, characterised by a modular and compact design, made entirely of 304 stainless steel and comprising:

  • Warehouse
  • Bottom carton closure
  • Loading roller conveyor and flap opening
  • Pick and Place system
  • Closing module

A single machine that includes the steps of forming, loading and tape sealing using hot-melt glue.

Different gripping systems are available according to customer requirements and project specifications.

MF Tecno Bundle Machine

It is a dependable, high-performance solution for continuous flow packaging with shrink film of:

  • Square bottom bags
  • Bricks 
  • Cases

Extremely flexible option for products arriving on the conveyor belt in a horizontal or vertical position.


Normally designed to be inserted into existing production lines. Fully automated and equipped with robust stainless steel construction, it is ideal for medium and high production.

The control panel allows a wide range of adjustments, depending on the products to be packed and the film thickness to be used.

MF Tecno Palletisers

We specialise in the production of a wide range of palletisers and anthropomorphic robots. Automatic and semi-automatic solutions that are characterised by high technology and flexibility of use.

Below is a brief overview of some of our flagship machines.


Cartesian Palletiser for medium production

The MF PCA SMART palletiser processes loads of up to 50 kg with an output of up to 500 cycles per hour.

It is an ideal and particularly popular option when working in confined spaces and prohibitive environments. Its compact size makes it extremely flexible and reliable.

In fact, the structure is just under 3 metres, while the finished pallet has a maximum height of 1800 mm (including pallet). The small footprint therefore makes it easy to place in any end-of-line.

In our long experience, numerous projects have featured our intelligent palletisers. Both as single installations and as projects that included an upstream packaging system.

This robot palletiser enables the processing of numerous product types: bags, boxes, crates and bundles. 


Gripping systems

The palletising robot is designed for the use of various gripper systems. These can be customised and numerous options can be added according to customer requirements.

The principal types of gripping systems are:

  • Fork gripping head
  • Suction cup gripping head
  • Gripping head with clamp for boxes


Different versions are available, depending on the projects presented by the customer. The main ones are:

Basic version: the material is placed in pallets on the ground or on semi-automatic wrappers integrated into the palletising scheme.

Automated version: This is a particularly popular option, characterised by limited operator intervention.

In fact, from the automatic, specially prepared pallet magazine, roller conveyors and chain conveyors ensure the continuous infeed and evacuation of the pallet.


Command and control panel

The palletiser is exceptionally easy to use. The operator can independently modify the palletising scheme through the integrated PLC system with a touch screen panel. This allows it to be adapted to different production demands.


Safety devices

There are different control and security systems, such as:

  • Security Barriers
  • Floor anchorage systems
  • Safety light barriers for pallet entry and exit
  • Anti-fall and anti-collision system.

Cartesian Palletiser for high production

The MF PCA SMART PRO palletiser is the development of the previously mentioned PCA SMART model. A solution that, alongside the features and advantages of the basic version, offers greater productivity.

It thus combines the compacity, versatility and ability to work in prohibitive environments, typical of the standard version, with high productivity.

In fact, it achieves outputs of up to 800 cycles/hour for loads of up to 50 kg.

In comparison with the basic version, it features:

  • The aluminium structure, which replaces the steel structure of the basic version, makes palletising movements considerably faster.
  • Updated work plan with consequent optimisation.


MF Tecno Wrapping Machines

Our extensive machine park also includes automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines. Most often as a complement to existing palletising systems.


MF Wrap 35 Automatic Wrapper

Rotating table wrapper MF Wrap 35 enables fast and reliable wrapping with stretch film.

It is designed for applications up to 2000 kg and for hourly production rates of 30 to 35 pallets per hour.

MF SPW 20 Semi-automatic wrapper

This is an extremely flexible and reliable option for loads of up to 1,500 kg.

The operator is involved in the initial phase of attaching the stretch film to a corner of the pallet, just before the machine starts the wrapping operation.

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