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If you're searching for a packaging system for seeds, you're in the right place! We specialise in designing and implementing complete plants for packaging.

We provide turnkey solutions, from product transport and primary packaging to palletising.

You can count on us as a reliable partner who supports you in the development of your business and throughout all phases of the packaging process.

We offer a single point of contact, from the plant design phase to after-sales service. In this article, we will specifically analyse:

  • The Seed Market
  • MF TECNO Solutions
  • MF TECNO Advantages


The Seed Market

According to Grand View Research, the seed market, with an expected value of $3.41 billion in 2022, has significant growth prospects, reaching a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.2% by 2030. At present, the US and Europe are the world's largest seed exporters. The seed market is the cornerstone of global agriculture. Moreover, new technologies and continuous innovation contribute greatly to the sustainability of the sector.


MF TECNO solutions

We have numerous options for seed packaging. The following machines will be analysed below:

  • Automatic packaging machine for medium productions.
  • Automatic bagging machine for raffia bags
  • High production automatic bagging machines
  • Palletizer for medium productions
  • Palletizer for medium productions


Automatic packaging machine for medium production

The IABA 600 E automatic bagging machine is designed to reliably and easily fill and seal pre-formed bags. Particularly suitable for processing granular products, it is ideal for the seed industry.

Designed for medium and high production rates, it can handle sizes from 10 kg to 50 kg, handling up to 600 bags per hour. It can be equipped with a device to remove excess air.

The bagging machine can be equipped with stitching or sealing systems to close the bags, depending on customer requirements.


Automatic packaging machine for raffia bags

The IABA 600 R, on the other hand, is designed for filling woven or laminated polypropylene bags. Extremely versatile, it is excellent for medium and high production rates.

The bagging machine consists of a one-piece construction with closing panels and access and inspection doors. It is equipped with a high-capacity empty bag magazine with two or three positions, adjustable to different bag sizes, in line with customer requirements. It can easily adapt to different feeding systems.


Automatic high-production bagging machines

When it comes to high production rates, ideal open-mouth fillers can include:

  • Automatic bagging machine Universal 1200
  • Automatic packaging machine IABA 1000


Open mouth bagging machine Universal 1200

The Universal 1200 automatic packaging machine is the ideal equipment for high productions.

Its main features are versatility and production speed.

This machine can reach outputs of up to 1.200 bags per hour. Its modular design allows it to handle any type of product and to bag with any closure system and additional optional equipment.

Automatic packaging machine IABA 1000

The IABA 1000 automatic bagging machine for open-mouth bags is ideal for high output and packaging of granular products in a wide range of formats.

Its suitability for different weighing and closing systems makes it a perfect solution for granular products. It guarantees high productivity, reaching up to 1000 bags/hour.

The "step" handling allows any type of bag to be conveyed with maximum precision and efficiency. The option to incorporate vibration systems and the deaeration probe ensures extremely compact bags, suitable for subsequent palletisation.


Palletizer for medium productions

The MF PCA SMART Cartesian palletiser is one of our flagship solutions.

It is equipped with roller conveyors, catenaries and an automatic pallet magazine for the automatic feeding of empty pallets and the evacuation of full pallets.

Designed for medium production rates of up to 500 cycles/hour, it can handle loads of up to 50 kg.

Its compactness and reduced dimensions make it particularly appreciated, especially in confined spaces.

In fact, the width is less than 3 metres and the pallet height is 1.800 mm (including pallet). The operator has complete control of the palletising scheme, due to the integrated PLC system with touch screen.

It is also set up for the use of different gripping solutions, which can be customised according to customer requirements.


Palletizing machines for high productions

Our ideal palletisers for high production include:

  • Cartesian palletizer MF PCA SMART PRO
  • Telescopic palletiser with double workstation MF PCA 700 TWIN
  • Top-loading 6 Colums MF PRC 1000


Cartesian palletizer MF PCA SMART PRO

The MF PCA SMART PRO Cartesian palletiser offers high productivity, up to 800 cycles/hour for loads up to 50 kg.

The palletiser can be customised according to customer requirements and project specifications, ensuring versatility and practicality.

The PRO version differs from the standard version by 3 main factors:

  • Lighter and faster machines due to aluminium construction.
  • A more advanced work programme ensures optimised productivity.
  • The engines of the machines are more powerful.

Suitable for installation even in tight spaces, it adapts to any existing end-of-line.

It allows the storage, handling and transport of many types of products: bags, boxes, crates and bundles.


Telescopic palletizer MF PCA 700 TWIN

The MF PCA 700 TWIN is a robotic cartesian telescopic palletiser with a double filling station.

It is designed to handle medium and high production rates and can reach up to 700 cycles per hour.

It features a structure composed of 4 support columns and a vertical telescopic arm.

The TWIN version differs from the standard version in that it has a double filling station.

This makes it possible to work uninterruptedly.

In fact, once the pallet is filled in the first palletising station, machining starts automatically in the second station.

This allows the finished pallet to be evacuated without interrupting the production cycle.

Equipped with brushless motors and safety and accident-prevention devices, it can be fitted with different gripper modules.

6 Column Palletizer MF PRC 1000

This palletiser reaches a production capacity of 1200 bags per hour, in single pick-up, and 2000 bags per hour in double pick-up.

The main feature of this machine is the presence of a gripper that moves along both axes (X, Y) and around its own vertical axis.

This enables a wide variety of products to be palletised.

The many safety devices and safety guards present make it an extremely reliable and safe solution.

Furthermore, thanks to the integrated PLC system with a special touch screen panel, the operator has complete control over the palletising scheme.

Advantages MF TECNO

We specialise in the creation of complete packaging plants.

All our systems are designed, manufactured and tested in-house at our site in Italy.

We offer turnkey solutions that include customised transportation systems, weighing, packaging, palletising robots and end-of-line.

We guarantee extremely competitive delivery times, thanks to full in-house production and warehouse stocks.

Our after-sales service is always attentive to your needs.

Choosing MF Tecno means counting on a reliable company, a partner who accompanies you through all stages of your project.

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