Tubular FFS Bagging Machine

Tubular FFS Bagging Machine 1

The Tubular Forming Machine (FFS) is a valid option for large packaging (up to 50 kg) from a tubular reel.

Appreciated and preferable to VFFS when it is necessary to combine requirements such as high productivity, aesthetic, bag strength and small footprint.

Fully automated system characterized by three operating stations.

Thus, by three distinct stages prepared:

  1. Forming the bag and cutting the film
  2. Bag filling
  3. Final sealing

According to Future Market Insight (FMI), the sector will register significant growth of 5.1 percent annually. The industry si projected to reach $17.9 billion by 2032, up from $11.5 billion in 2022.

In this guide we will analyse and explain in detail:


  • Difference between Vertical Packaging machines and Tubular Forming Machine
  • Applications
  • MF Tecno solutions
  • Why choose MF Tecno



Difference between Vertical Packaging Machine and Tubular Forming Machine

The main difference between these two types of machines comes from the reel.

If vertical packaging machines allow bags to be formed from flat reel, the forming machine uses a tubular reel.

This implies the following differences:

  • Flat reel bags are created through a forming tube, which is not necessary for tubular reel films.
  • The package obtained from vertical packaging machine usually has a longitudinal seal, which is not present in those from forming machine.
  • Tubular machines use a minimum amount of film at the sealing point, an important feature for dusty products.  
  • The use of the tubular forming machine is especially required in those sectors where special care is required for the aesthetic of the bag, with a slightly higher cost of the reel.
  • The tubular forming machine also allows larger dimensions to be generated at higher production speeds.
  • In the forming machine, the corners of the bag can be closed with 45-degree seal, limiting excess bag edges and creating a more pleasing shape that facilitates palletising.

This type of sealing also prevents the product from getting cought in he orners of the bag when unloading.



The tubular forming machine is particularly versatile.

In fact, the features listed above allow the machine to be applied in a different sectors.

Its high production rates, special propensity for packaging large formats and ability to process granular and powdery products make it an ideal choice for packaging:

  • Fertilisers
  • Chemical products
  • Plastic granules

We have carried out installations of tube forming machines at major companies in Italy and worldwide.


MF Tecno solutions

Our tubular forming machine, the MF TUBE, is the ideal solution for processing flowing, powdery and granular products.   

Depending on the characteristics of the product, it can reach a production of 2000 bags/hour for large formats.

The machine, entirely made of stainless steel, can handle a wide range of both food and corrosive products.

The forming machine is provided with three operating stations:

  • In the first station, the sealing of the bottom of the bag takes place while the film is cut to the predefined length. 
  • In the second station, the bag is filled
  • In the third and final station, the sealing of the upper bag takes place.


All operations are easily managed by the operator via PLC.

Due to its small footprint and consequent space optimisation, the machine is suitable for installation in even the tightest production enviroments.

They often included in complete packaging plants, including palletising systems and pallet wrappers.


Why choose MF Tecno

Choosing MF TECNO means putting your trust in a solid and efficient company.

You can count on:

  • In-house production: all machines and their individual components are produced in-house.
  • High quality: we manufacture top quality machines that can be perfectly installable in-line or in existing plants.
  • Fast delivery times: our delivery times are among the fastest in the market, both for machinery and spare parts.
  • Technical support: you will have a single point of contact to rely on, facilitating technical support. In addition, you will minimize production downtime.  


We have decades of experience in the construction of complete packaging plants and installations worldwide.

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