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Automatic vertical packaging machines, often abbreviated to VFFS, are used for packing a wide range of bulk products.

Among the most common are pet food, frozen food, dried fruits, sand and aggregates, pellets, compost, and plastic granules.

Vertical form fill sealers (VFFS) are extremely simple and effective.

They are a quick and efficient way to package a bulk product in hermetically sealed, standardised packages.

In the following article we will analyse:

  • Automatic vertical packaging machine functioning
  • Benefits of automatic vertical packaging machines
  • Application areas
  • MF Tecno solutions


Automatic vertical packaging machine functioning

The packaging process is particularly effecient due to the continuous formation of the bags.

In fact, the creation of the bag takes place as soon as the previous unit has been sealed.

The process of creating the single-dose pack starts from the flat film of the reel. This, once filled with product, is hermetically sealed using special sealing bars.

The eventual use of aluminized laminated films helps preserve the freshness and fragrance of products.

The opportunity to use compostable or recyclable films is an excellent "green" solution.

Correct and constant dosing is ensured by special multi-head weighers and automatic weight systems.


Benefits of automatic vertical packaging machines

  • Speed and efficiency – The high packaging speed ensures optimal productivity and performance. They are thus an ideal solution for industrial-scale production.
  • Versatility - Vertical bagging machines are extremely versatile. In fact, they guarantee a rapid changeover from one format to another, depending on different production requirements. They are suited for packaging a wide variety of different products. Furthermore, they allow easy integration into existing production lines.
  • Space optimization – Compared with horizontal packaging machines, they require less space.
  • Consistency and accuracy – Automation of the packaging process guarantees accurate product quantity distribution.
  • Increased product protection – Vertical bagging machines guarantee hermetic sealing of the product. This ensures protection from external factors and thus better food preservation.
  • Affordability of packaging – Vertical packaging is a great way to reduce packaging material costs.

In fact, rather than having to buy several bags of different sizes, a single roll of film can be used to make several packages of different sizes.

In this way, there is no need to accumulate unnecessary quantities of packs. Furthermore, the possibility of using thinner film reduces material costs.


Application areas

VFFS have many fields of application and can therefore be used for different types of products. As much for solid and granular ones as for powdery ones.    

Among the most common are those related to:

  • Snacks and dried fruit
  • Pet Food
  • Granular products such as sugar, salt and spices.


MF Tecno solutions

Our company specialises and has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of vertical packaging machines.

Thanks to our numerous installations, we have developed a wide range of machines to meet different customer requirements.

Individual installations, turnkey solutions or additions to existing systems.

Various designs and types of processed bags. Pillow bags, with side gussets, square bottom, double square bottom, three or four seal or valve bags.


We distinguish in our fleet:

VFFS for small formats

  • MF 50
  • MF 50 SPEEDY


VFFS for medium formats

  • MF 52
  • MF 52 SPEEDY
  • MF 52 Double Square Bottom


VFFS for big formats

  • MF 54
  • MF 58
  • MF 60


VFFS for Vacuum

  • MF 52 VACUUM
  • MF 60 VACUUM


Packaging machines for small formats

MF 50

Space-saving, easy-to-use and cost-effective vertical packaging machine

It is suitable for packaging products in small quantities (50 g to 1 kg).

It can produce both pillow and square bottom bags, with minimum dimensions of 65 x 60 mm and maximum dimensions of 180 x 270 mm.



Vertical packaging machine with continuous technology (hence the name "Speedy").

It is a high-performance machine suitable for confined spaces.

Just like the MF 50, it is adapted for packaging products in small dimentions (maximum 1 kg), but with a higher production rate (100 to 110 bags/min.).

Characterised by high production speed, ease of operation and maintenance.

It produces packages ranging from a minimum of 40 x 50 mm to a maximum of 190 x 400 mm.


Vertical packaging machines for medium formats

MF 52

Vertical packaging machine suitable for packaging products in medium-sized packs (1 to 5 kg).

Due to brushless motors, it achieves 50 bags per minute.

These are of different shapes and types and have a minimum size of 20 x 100 mm and a maximum size of 330 x 400 mm.



A particularly versatile continuous motion vertical packaging machine model.

It is distinguished by its high packaging speed. In fact, it can reach 80 bags per minute.

These have minimum dimensions of 120 x 100 mm and a maximum dimensions of 330 x 400 mm.


MF 52 DFQ Double Square Bottom

Vertical packaging machine with carousel system for medium/high output and medium formats (1-5 kg).

Designed specifically for the production of double square bottom bags.

The process starts with bag formation and removal of excess air. Finally, it proceeds to closing the bag by folding and securing the top flap on itself.


Vertical packaging machines for big formats

MF 54

Vertical packaging machine for formats from 5 to 30 kg. Easy to use and extremely versatile.

It has a production capacity of 1,200 bags per hour.

Particularly used for products such as: animal feed, cereals, flour, sand, aggregates, pellets.

Allows bags with minimum dimensions of 230 x 300 mm and maximum dimensions of 470 x 680 mm.


MF 58

Allows the packaging of products characterised by good flowability and grain size. Suitable for packaging large sizes. Up to 30 kg.

Featuring a production capacity of 1200 bags per hour.

Can handle different types of bags: pillow, side-gusset, four-seals, square-bottom.

The presence of the touch screen panel and alphanumeric display also offers easy management and modification of the packaging scheme.

The use of Brushless motor also guarantees maximum efficiency and reduced maintenance.


MF 60

Vertical packaging machine suited for handle large formats from 5 up to 50 kg.

It achieves production capacities of up to 1,200 bags per hour.

Especially used for products such as pet food, feed, seeds, soil, plastic granules.

It can produce with minimum dimensions of 350 x 600 mm and maximum dimensions of 630 x 1180 mm.


Vacuum packaging machines


Solution suitable for medium-sized vacuum packaging (1 to 5 kg).

A choice that results in a pack with a compact and perfectly square configuration. Useful to preserving fragrance and storage value.

Can make bags as small as 120 x 100 mm and as large as 330 x 400 mm.



Vertical packaging machine for large formats (5 to 30 kg), with vacuum packaging.

It is equipped with a single or double vacuum bell configuration, which influences the productivity of the machine and the size changeover speed.

The bags that can be made with this packaging machine have a minimum size of 330 x 400 mm and a maximum size of 580 x 980 mm.

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