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The VFFS vacuum packaging machine is a solution that offers the benefits inherent in vertical packaging combined with those of vacuum packaging.

Creating an effective preservation method, particularly used to mantain the organoleptic qualities and properties of the product.

The process includes the elimination of excess air, resulting in a hermetically sealed package. Oxygen thus does not come into contact with the product until the package is opened. This creates an effective barrier effect against external agents.

In the following article we will look at:

  • Vacuum and modified atmosphere (ATM) differences.
  • Benefits of vacuum packaging
  • Application areas and types of bags
  • MF Tecno solutions
  • Why choose MF Tecno


Vacuum and modified atmosphere (ATM) differences

Vacuum packaging is just one of the methods used to preserve and extend the shelf-life of packaged product.

Alongside this we find other methods such as modified atmosphere packaging and skin packaging.

The extention of shelf life of products and their proper storage are the common denominator of all these processes.

Atm packaging can be achieved by using different packing technologies.

This involves, in addition to removing excess air, the insertion of an inert gas mixture.

The most commonly used include carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and argon. In different quantities and proportions, depending on the characteristics of the product.

Skin packaging, on the other side, involves both vacuum and heat sealing. Shrink film is used, while the bottom is made of plastic or cardboard, and heat-sealing creates an airtight seal.


Benefits of vacuum packaging

The use of vacuum packaging provides several advantages:

  • Extended shelf life

It extends food shelf life by up to 5 times compared to traditional packaging.

  • Increased protection

Product protection from external elements such as moisture, dust and enviromental contamination.

  • Improvement of product qualities

Airtight packaging ensures proper storage and preservation of the organoleptic qualities of food.

  • Significant savings

Increasing the shelf life of food contributes to the fight against food waste and significant cost savings.


Application areas and types of bags

Vacuum packaging is particularly used in the food industry.

Providing maximum protection and preservation of products is a key elements in the food industry.

Indeed, there are many types of products which vacuum packaging is not only a viable but a recommended solution.

Among the many products involved in vacuum packaging we have dealt with are:

  • Dried fruit
  • Seeds
  • Rice
  • Pulses


MF TECNO solutions

MF TECNO, always attentive to market needs, offers a wide range of vacuum packaging solutions.

We specialise in manufacturing a wide range of vertical packaging machines. Single units, complete packaging systems or integrated solutions for existing systems.

Below are solutions for vacuum packaging of small and large formats.



This machine is ideal for vacuum packing small to medium size (1 to 5 kg) with an output of up to 15 bags/minute when equipped with a double chamber.

The outputs vary depending on whether one or two vacuum chambers are used. Positioned at the base of the packaging machine.

Specially designed for packaging a wide variety of products with good flowability and grain size.

A choice that allows for a compact and perfectly square pack configuration. Useful for preserving the fragrance and guaranteeing its value longer.

It can produce bag sizes ranging from 120 x 100 mm to 330 x 400 mm.

The bag, once filled, is semi-welded and then placed in the vacuum chamber where the vacuum is created by negative pressure.

The operator, using the convenient "touch screen" panel, has complete control of the packing and sealing scheme. Intuitive and easy to interpret. 


This model is a reliable and high-performance solution for large vacuum packaging. From 5 to 30 kg. With an output of up to 100 bags/hour.

It is characterised by its extreme ease of use and wide versatility. Numerous accessories are available to create different types of bags.

Pillow bags, with side gussets, four seals or square bottom.

The configuration of the vacuum chamber, single or double, affects machine productivity and changeover speed.

The vacuum chamber is located at the side of the packaging machine. In fact, once the bag is filled and semi-sealed, it passes, by means of special conveyors, to the vacuum chamber. Here, after the application of negative pressure, the final sealing of the bag takes place.

The bags that can be realised with this packaging machine have a minimum size of 330 x 400 mm and a maximum size of 580 x 980 mm.

First-class electronics and a touch screen panel ensure complete control of the packaging scheme.

Why choose MF Tecno

Choosing MF TECNO means betting on a solid and reliable company:

  • In-house production: We manufacture all machinery and components internally.
  • High quality: Making top-quality packaging machines that communicate perfectly with each other.
  • Fast delivery time: Fastest delivery times in the market for both machinery and spare parts.
  • Technical support: You only have to deal with one point of contact; this simplifies technical support and avoids or minimises downtime.


With over twenty years of experience, we have successfully built complete packaging systems all over the world.


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