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Automatic Bagging Machine: IABA 600/F

Can be used to package edible flours and other foodstuff products. Particularly suitable for powdered products, fluidified and non-fluidified


IABA 600 F The latest in the open mouth bagging machine line for medium productions.
Particularly suitable for powdered products, fluidified and non-fluidified; can be used to package edible flours and other foodstuff products.
Below find the main qualities that distinguish it from the rest:
• Possibility to work flat bags and bags with lateral gusset from 5 to 50 kg.
• Perfect sealing for powders thanks to the particular hermetically sealed filling mouth.
• Bags "step" movement, which can be treated with various devices at every stop.
• Easy cleaning of parts in contact and prevention of “cross-contamination”.
• Product compacting devices to eliminate excess air.
Efficiency is guaranteed by the particular handling of the packages: the bag passes from the filling area to successive closing with a "step" movement on relevant belt conveyors, while it is guided from the top by a pair of transfer arms. In this way, it is also possible to easily work unstable and fluidified products in maximum safety.
Reliability: top quality components combined with the strength of the structure, which over time has transformed into a completely closed solid structure, ensure maximum reliability and make it the ideal tool for all those sectors where it is essential to prevent emissions of dusts into the work environment, both owing to toxicity of the products and for problems connected to the ATEX Directive.

Iaba 600/F

Detail of the bag "step" movement on the closing line, with detail of the upper transfer device.

User-friendliness, Efficiency and Reliability are its main qualities!

Available in the following versions:
• Gross Weight for particular low production processing.
• Net Weight for higher productions.

Gross Weight Version


Iaba 600/F - PL Running the IABA 600/F in Gross Weight mode allows to lower the number of parts in contact with the product to a minimum, making it easier to clean and reducing the risks of contamination.
Particularly suitable for working small batches of powdered products, fluidified and non-fluidified. It adapts perfectly to the packaging requirements of products used in the food sector and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Formats that can be realised from 5 to 50 Kg
Production capacity max. : 300 nags/h

Net Weight Version


IABA600 F PESO NETTO The IABA 600/F Net Weight version allows to combine the qualities of the bagging machine with the dosing speed of the electronic net weight weighing devices; making this line the ideal tool for medium to high production of edible flours and other powder products for food and non-food use.
In this case, the typical features of the IABA 600/F, such as bag "step" movement, are enhanced by the need to package products that are considered "difficult", at normal speed, which is unthinkable for all bagging machine models.

Formats that can be realised from 5 to 50 Kg
Production capacity max. : 600 bags/h

Stainless Steel Version


Iaba 600/F - PN The automatic packer mod. IABA 600/INOX is a bagging line for all kind and formats of open mouth bags, specially designed for powdery products (flour mix, cocoa, coffee, milk powder, salt, sugar, etc.) having different degree of fluidization.
Designed to meet the most diverse and complex needs of the food industry, IABA 600/ Inox is the ideal tool to use in confectionery, dairy industry ,ingredients and food additives, in the milling sector and chemistry in general.
Its execution, completely in Stainless Steel, allows to easily manage the operations of washing and cleaning of all parts in contact with the product.
The particular configuration of the various dosing systems, together with ease of access to the various devices, allow to prevent any form of cross-contamination of the products, placing this machine at the top of the class of the packaging lines.

High quality tailor made bagging system for food industry
Formats that can be realised from 5 to 50 Kg
Production capacity max. : 600 bags/h

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