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CucituraThe seam of the bag is still one of the most widely used systems, because it is suitable for various types of bags.

It is offered in different versions, depending on the sealing characteristics required by the product.

It is achieved through the use of double thread (synthetic or cotton) tested industrial sewing machines, with forced auto-lubrication, adjustable speed, operated by an electric motor with belt drive.

All the sewing machines are equipped with automatic ignition of the sewing by sensor and automatic cutting of the chain.

They allow various sewing speed, up to a maximum of 30 mt/1’ for the top-performing models (variety depending on the characteristics of the bag).

Listed below are some types of bag closing by sewing:Sewing All MF TECNO bagging lines and automatic sewing are equipped with an automatic device to control the thread, able to stop sewing in the case of breakage or missing one of the two thread reels that make up the chain.

Simplicity, Efficiency and Reliability are its best qualities!