Closing systems

Sealing lines

Heat-sealing lines for closing bags.

Sealing lines 2
  • Bags with or without lateral gussets
  • Bags with blocked gussets
  • "Doy-pack" or "stand-up" bags
  • Bags with different types of zip
  • Bags with handles
They also allow a punched handle to be made, thanks to a double sealing bar.

In the case of semi-automatic bagging systems, economical, effective and user-friendly manually-controlled sealing devices are also available. They are all equipped with the most modern safety devices, which make them compliant with the CE regulations regarding injuries.

Sealing can also be used to make "Pinch-Top" type bags, currently widely used in the milling and chemical industries. In fact, this bag has lateral gussets and glued bottom and, once filled, has the advantage of taking an absolutely regular form, recalling the appearance of a parallelepiped. The result is a bag similar to a valve bag.

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Sealing lines 3


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