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“MF-6B” series Electronic Multi-head Weighing Machine

Pesatrice Multiteste The MF-6B series electronic multi-head weighing devices allow fast, accurate weighing of a wide variety of products, food and non-food. This weighing device, available in various models, can reach up to 120 weighing operations per minute, compatibly with the dimensions and degree of smooth running of the packages.
Operation of the multi-head weighing device is based on advanced software, which allows the desired weight to be obtained by using the average of the cells that make up the weighing device.
This weighing device is available with 10 or 14 heads with containers from 1.5 to 5.0 litres and is ideal for weighing products of various dimensions with different particle size, as for example pet-food, biscuits, rice, short pasta or small snacks, with very high accuracy and without sacrificing weighing speed.
This model is also ideal for individually deep frozen products. The multi-head weighing devices in the MF-6B series combine new and improved features with tried and tested technology to allow accurate operations, reliability and user-friendliness.
The advanced micro-processor interface allows the weighing device to become a completely integrated part of a production and packaging line, giving detailed information to allow total control of activity. Its use is intuitive thanks to the menu that allows easy access the various weighing programs, thus allowing quick program change. The weighing system is interfaced with the underlying packaging machine PLC.
10.4" colour “Touch-Screen” command panel.
Electronic load cells with double beam, water-tight with IP67 protection rating.
Manufactured in AISI 304/L stainless steel.

Accuracy, High Performance and Reliability are its main qualities!


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