Animal Feed Packaging System

Case history
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Feed packaging is one of the areas in which we have the most experience.

The result of numerous installations and projects in the animal feed industry.

From the construction of feed production systems, through MIAL, to the realisation of complete packaging systems.

Turnkey packaging solutions, from A to Z, or supplementing existing systems to meet specific customer requirements.

Our extensive machinery allows packaging of both small and large formats. Both automatic and semi-automatic solutions.

Below we will analyse the trends in the feed market and the machinery involved in the implementation of a specific animal feed packaging project in Romania.

This, in fact, involved the construction of two parallel packaging lines:

  • Complete packaging system consisting of an automatic bagging machine and a palletising robot for medium to large formats up to 25 kg.
  • Automatic bagging machine supplementing an existing line for medium and large formats.


Trends in the animal feed market

According to Grand View Research, the global animal feed market size was estimated at USD 570.72 billion in 2022. With growth prospects and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2023 to 2030.

The sector's growth is attributed to the increase in commercial livestock production. Growth with the poultry sector playing a leading role.

The increase in global population and the consequent growth in demand have in fact led to a significant development in the industrialisation of animal production.

The feed concentrate segment in particular will register the highest CAGR. This rapid growth of the segment is attributed both to the increasing demand for specialised animal feed diets and to the growing awareness of farmers about the specific nutritional needs of their animals.


Automatic bagging machine IABA 600 R

The project involved bagging the animal feed in 25 kg bags with outputs of up to 600 bags/hour.

We opted for an entry-level solution represented by the IABA 600 R.

This is an automatic net weight bagging machine intended for medium to high production with a capacity of up to 600 bags per hour.

Equipped with Brushless motors, it is used for packaging in raffia bags. It can range from 10 kg up to 50 kg for large formats.

Realized in painted steel, this model is suitable for a wide range of products. It is extremely reliable and available in either a 2-position or 3-position bag magazine version.

The touch screen control panel is intuitive and easy to use.


Robot palletiser for animal feed

The customer's requirements led to the choice of the PCA Smart Cartesian Palletiser. One of our top-of-the-range solutions.

It is equipped with roller conveyors, chain conveyors and automatic pallet magazine for the automatic feeding of empty pallets and the automatic evacuation of full pallets.

Ideal for medium production rates of up to 500 cycles/hour, it can process loads of up to 50 kg.

Its compactness and small dimensions make it a particularly popular solution, especially when there is a need to work in restricted spaces. It has a dimension of just under 3 metres and a pallet height of 1,800 mm (including pallet).

The operator has complete control of the palletising scheme thanks to the integrated PLC system with touch screen. It is also prepared for the use of different gripping solutions, which can be customised according to requirements.


Animal feed automatic bagging machine Universal 1200

The Universal 1200 is an automatic model designed for high production rates of up to 1200 bags per hour.

It represents the best solution for filling and closing open-mouth bags. Its modular design guarantees compactness and reliability. Extremely versatile and reliable, it supports any closure system and option.

It can handle a wide range of formats. From small formats of 5 kg up to 25 kg.

Made of painted steel and equipped with Brushless motors, it features a bag centring device and a Pinch Top closing device.

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