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Universal Vertical packaging machine MF 50


Universal Vertical packaging machine MF 50Thanks to its many years of experience in the Form, Fill and Seal “vertical” packaging machine sector, MF TECNO has manufactured a small machine for use with small formats, but which embodies all of the technology used in larger machines.

Finally, a packaging machine for use in industry and small businesses with low purchase and running costs but able to produce perfect packaging with the possibility of using various materials and creating different formats.

The machine is available in various versions depending on the products to be handled:

• MF 50/S for solid granular and non-granular products.

• MF 50/L for liquid products, dairy products, products in brine, etc.

• MF 50/N for modified atmosphere packaging



The main features of the MF-50

• Small clearance: it occupies less than 1 m2

• Easy operation: with the option of the compressor installed on board, it only requires an electric power supply.

• Easy cleaning and maximum sanitization: thanks to the construction design entirely in AISI 304/L stainless steel and particular hermetically-sealed cabling.

• Patented sealing system: a series of exclusive technical solutions from the particular execution of the sealing bars to a special temperature control system, guarantee maximum bag sealing in the presence of any product.

• Production speed: the film drive system and the choice of dedicated electronics managed by PLC, allow high productivity to be obtained with all materials and any format.

• Format flexibility: the rapid exchange of the forming tube, with quick release system, makes it easy to pass from one format to another in extremely short times.

Universal Vertical packaging machine MF 50/S

for Granular Food and Non-Food Products


Universal Vertical packaging machine MF 50/S The MF 50 is a vertical packaging machine studied for packaging the most varied smooth-flowing products with varied particle size (pet food, confectionery products, snacks, pulses, dried fruit, etc.).

Designed to meet the most different requirements of the food and non-food industries, thanks to the use of top quality materials and simplicity of manufacture, it is the ideal tool for small and medium realities; it can reach fast production speeds.

Even though the MF-50/S is small, it is the result of the experience gained by MF TECNO from the manufacture of larger packaging machines.

The possibility of coupling it with various types of dosing machines (weight, volume, piece-counters) means it can be used in the most varied sectors.

Electronic Weigher with Vibrating Channels


Electronic Weigher with Vibrating ChannelsFor most granular products, the mod. MF 50 packaging machine can be coupled with a vibrating channel dosing system, available in the volumetric version or with electronic weighing.

The product falls into a dosing/weighing basket, which is equipped with a pneumatically-controlled discharge hatch at the base. Every time a dose is ready in the basket, the discharge hatch opens to unload the product into the bag.

Easy plant cleaning
A characteristic of these types of scales is the prevention of any form of contamination, thanks to the fact that the elements making up the dosing machine can be inspected entirely.

Surfaces in contact
For the manufacture of vibrating channels and the relative hoppers, for special types of products (like fourth range), the parts in contact can be manufactured in textured stainless steel sheet.

In the case of particularly sticky products that are difficult to transfer and tend to build up upon the surfaces, it is likewise possible to have the stainless steel treated with Teflon in order to improve the product's transferability.


for Liquids, Dairy Products and Products in Brine


UNIVERSAL VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE MOD. MF 50/LThe MF-50/L is a vertical packaging machine that is particularly suitable for use in packaging liquid and semi-dense products, (water, milk, detergents, sauces, oils, etc.). It is also especially suitable for bagging all products that require a preservation liquid (mozzarella, products in brine such as olives, capers, etc.).

The easy sanitization of the machine, thanks to the construction design in AISI 304/L stainless steel and the particular hermetically-sealed cabling, make this packaging machine an ideal tool for production and business realities of any size.

The research into the reduction of plastic used for packaging means this packaging machine is the ideal tool. Think about all of the PET bottles (water, beverages, etc.) and plastic bottles (detergent refills, shampoo, etc.) that can be avoided thanks to the use of the MF 50. The machine can be coupled with various types of liquid dosing machines and combined with a tray or tub feeding system for mozzarellas, bite-size mozzarellas, olives and other products.


for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)


UNIVERSAL VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE MOD. MF 50/NDepending on the type of product, the modified atmosphere uses specific gases or gas mixtures, with different properties.
Modified atmosphere packaging has numerous applications and covers a wide range of products: meats and sausage products, baked products, pre-cooked foods, cheeses, powdered milk, coffee, fruit juice, wine, crisps and savoury snacks, dried fruit, etc.

This type of packaging envisions the modification of the atmosphere that surrounds the food product contained inside the packaging. The aim is to be able to control the chemical, enzymatic and microbiological reactions, in order to prolong the shelf life of the product, reducing or completely eliminating its deterioration.

This technology requires the combination of three main elements:

• As packaging machine suitable for said use such as the MF-50/N.
• The wrapping material, which must be selected from the gas "barrier effect" types
• The type of gas or gas mixture to be introduced into the packaging.


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