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Chain Conveyor

Tubular chain conveyors are used to transport large quantities of materials easily and safely.

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What is the Tube Chain Conveyor?

The tubular chain conveyor can transport large quantities of material over long distances, safely and efficiently.

It is suitable for conveying all sorts of granular, powdery, friable, and delicate products such as powders, chemicals, plastic granules, TPE, pet food, animal feed and agri-food products.


How does a Tubular Conveyor work?

Tubular conveyors are made up of tubes, curves/corners, and loading and unloading hoppers.

1Product is fed into the tubes through the loading hopper

2- The product is dragged inside by chains equipped with curved discs made of plastic.

The diameter of these discs varies according to product specifications and customer needs.

3- Finally, discharge products are released from stainless steel hoppers with shutter valves that open or close the tube to increase or decrease the amount of product falling

  • BIG 60: Tube diameter 60 mm Disc diameter 48 mm2 m3/hour

Ideal for Malt, Cereals, Animal feed, Plastic materials


  • BIG 100: Tube diameter 100 mm – Disc diameter 78 mm12 m3/hour

Ideal for Seeds, Pet food, Cereals, Granular products



  • BIG 160: Tube diameter 160 mm Disc diameter 130 mm 30 m3/hour

Ideal for Coffee beans, Bulk ingredients, Grains, Wooden pellets


These are the benefits of choosing Tubular Chain Conveyor:

  •   Adaptable to all customer needs - modular structure according to the length to be covered and suitable for both horizontal and vertical transport.
  •  Delicate on the transported material - limited mechanical action which guarantees the integrity of the product, even if fragile.
  •  Low energy consumption - 50% energy saving compared to other transport systems
  •  Max hygienic standards and Reduced maintenance - easy cleaning thanks to specially designed openings.
  •  Durability over time – made of AISI 304 stainless steel, a wear-resistant material
  •  A single motor to create a product loading and unloading circuit, avoiding the use of complex systems and numerous motors.


Section of the system installed in China


Section of the system installed at BIRRA GARLATTI



Read the article below and find out about one of the largest chain conveying system designed and installed by MIAL.

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There are many reasons to choose our products

  • 01 Easy installation.
  • 02 Allows horizontal and vertical transport of the product via a unique motor.
  • 03 The modular structure allows many assembly combinations with space saving.
  • 04 Many construction solutions for all production sectors.
  • 05 Energy saving with respect to conventional systems.
  • 06 Transport speed less than 1 metre/second
  • 07 Possibility to adjust speed via inverter
  • 08 Easy to clean with minimum residues, which makes it a favourite when compared to normal conveyor systems present on the market.
  • 09 Possibility of many loading and unloading points on the same conveyor.
  • 10 Reduced maintenance.
  • 11 Easy to manage through a unique control board.



Version with parts in contact with the product in "Food Grade" materials

Pneumatic actuator-controlled unloads

Motorised actuator-controlled unloads

Various types of accessories to meet all requirements

Installation accessories

Special accessories

Electric control board



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