Salt Packaging: Solutions by MF TECNO

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Salt Packaging: Solutions by MF TECNO 1

The packaging of salt is handled by vertical packaging machines, open mouth bagging machines, palletizers, wrappers and complete systems.

Salt packaging can be carried out using:

All salt packing machines are made in Iron AISI 316, to prevent corrosion.

Salt bagging machine for preformed bags:

Automatic open-mouth bagging machines are used for packaging Salt in medium or large bags.

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The IABA range is designed for medium production capacities with bags of 5 to 30 kg, and consists of:

  • IABA 600 S: up to 10 BPM
  • IABA 800 S: up to 15 BPM
  • UNIVERSAL 1200: up to 20 BPM. Ideal for medium to high production capacities. featuring high packaging speeds and a wide range of packable formats.
  • IABA 600 D: up to 30 BPM. Automatic bagging machine with double filling station. Ideal for high production capacities.

These bagging machines can fill flat or folding preformed bags.

Vertical Packaging Machine for Salt (VFFS):

The VFFS packaging machines are used for bags in small and large formats formed from film reels.

The variety of MF TECNO products allows the process to be adapted to meet the performance requirements:

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  • MF 50: for speeds of up to 20 BPM. Compact automatic vertical packing machine for small formats. Ideal for medium to high production capacities.
  • MF 52: for speeds of up to 50 BPM. VFFS for small and medium formats. Ideal for medium to high production capacities.
  • MF 52 CONTINUOUS: continuous motion for small and medium formats at high speed. Ideal for high production capacities.
  • MF 54: for speeds of up to 20 BPM. Automatic vertical packing machine for medium to large formats. Ideal for medium to high production capacities.
  • MF 58: for speeds of up to 20 BPM. VFFS for large formats. Ideal for medium to high production capacities.

Semi-automatic Big Bag bagging machine

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The semi-automatic big bag bagging machine is used for sizes ranging from 500 to 2000 kg.

It can be equipped with a net weight or gross weight scale.

The net weight MF Big Bag PN Salt bagging machine is ideal for medium to high production capacities.

The gross weight MF Big Bag PL bagging machine is ideal for medium production capacities.

Case Study

In many cases, the market demands aren’t limited to a packaging system alone.

MF TECNO offers comprehensive packing lines for Salt.

Our product range includes conveyor systems, scales, bagging machines, palletizing and wrapping machines.

The shrink wrappers and boxing machines fall within the category of secondary packaging systems.

In this project, we have created 3 bagging lines for salt.

The packaged product is then passed to the shrink wrapper and finally to the case packer.

Finally, through a palletizer, the packages are placed on pallets.

The first line produces 1 and 2.5 kg bags of fine salt.

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The salt packaging line is developed as follows:

  • Electronic weigher with multiple heads with high speed and precision
  • Vertical packaging machine VFFS MF 52 Continua
  • Horizontal Shrink Wrapper MF-O 120
  • MF PCA 700 TWIN Cartesian palletizer

At the end of the salt bagging phase, we move on to the horizontal shrink wrapper, which groups the bags in three rows of three using a shrink film.

The MF-O 120 shrink wrapper consists of 3 modules:

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  • Automatic stacker: it has the function of grouping and stratifying the product
  • Sealing group of the shrink film around the bundle
  • Shrink tunnel: allows you to get a perfect bundle.

In the lower part of the oven, a removable drawer facilitates cleaning in case of breakage of the bag.

The second line packs salt in 25 and 50 kg bags.

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The packaging line is developed in this way:

  • VFFS MF 58
  • Push Palletizer PSM 1500
  • Rotating Arm Winder MF WRAP 60

The third line packs 500 or 1000 kg BIG BAGS.

The BIG BAG bagging line is also equipped with a pallet automation system.

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