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Robotic Palletizer: MF PCA SMART


Compact MF PCA 350Palletizer with gripper pick-up head and robot movement for low productions; based on an open electro-welded steel structure, with possibility of palletizing on the ground or on service roller.
It is distinguished for its extremely compact size, which enables its insertion into spaces where other palletizers would not be able to fit, especially regarding height.
Just think, it is less than 3 m. high!!
Strength, versatility and user-friendliness.
The pick-up gripper moves along an arm, which in turn moves up and down longitudinally along a sliding column on relative guides, along the tubular steel structure, which makes up the main frame.
The use of brushless motors, also on the smallest of palletizers manufactured by MF TECNO, enables high accuracy when positioning the packages
Compact MF PCA 350 The machine is set-up for use of various types of gripping modules (possibility of automatic fast coupling and release).
The electronics used allow any type of layer to be made. The user-friendly management software also enables less expert operators to quickly change the work program and even modify the palletization layout to adapt it to various needs.

Problems with space? Don't abandon the idea of Palletization!


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