Machines for Weighing, Bagging and Packaging Fertilisers. Reliability and Strength.


confezionatrice fertilizzanti

When the going gets tough……. This is the case for the packaging of chemical fertilisers for agriculture.
We at MF TECNO have made quality the decisive factor in the manufacture of our machines, continuously seeking maximum reliability of use. Strength has always inspired our manufacturing standards.
This is why all our machines are manufactured in steel profiles, press-formed to the correct sizing and subjected to various dimensional controls before assembly with absolute attention on the welded and bolted joints.
Also for this reason, our filling machines have, as our manufacturing standard, parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel. We comply with the restrictive standards in relation to cabling, with the use of Profibus or Ethernet networks.
Particular care is taken when choosing the parts, always preferring brands par excellence for the electrical, electronic and pneumatic parts.
These solutions combined with careful manufacturing research enables our customers to considerably contain their management and maintenance costs.